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Diana Lion

Diana Lion
Diana Lion - Health Coach

Our Founder, Diana

Diana Marcela Lion born in Cali, Colombia, where I completed and finished all my studies.


While staying under my family’s environment, I came to repress my own feelings of disgust so I would not offend others, living from the unconscious without realizing that it was a great weakness and strength at the same time.

In my childhood I used to isolate myself so much from my immediate environment that I could live in a somewhat messy and chaotic way. Once I became independent, at 19 years of age, even leaving my country of origin, I went to Europe without knowing what destiny was in store for me. There my general situation improves, it is where I then begin my social and economic ascent. Study geriatric nursing, health care, Red Cross volunteer in Barcelona.


Over the years I become cunning, not without a certain harshness. From that moment on, the world is like an open book to me.

“Channel the energies well so that everything materializes with the synchronic order that it is predisposed to be.”


Decidedly idealistic, but before reaching my full manifestation I went through several different periods. At some point in my life I felt depressed, rejected and disappointed; also in matters of love.


I never lose a certain romantic air despite my attraction to adventure, the impersonal, the ideas. I take advantage of this adventure when I inquire within myself until I reach the limits of thought.


I am extremely open-minded, I think and feel that anything is possible. Intangible spiritual forces seem as real to me as the external concrete world, I feel that my imagination and my understanding of others are two of my greatest gifts.


Independent and intellectually free, I characterize myself with the gift of HELPING, giving LIGHT to humanity, I identify with the oppressed, marginalized or victims of any situation and I want to help or care for them in some way.


I have a lot of love, a lot of passion to give, I turn it on forever with balance, the divinity is with me.


I strongly believe in my positive strength in the ability of each individual to do what they want in their life through their own initiative and effort. The more I count on myself, the better I feel. The joy of competing, especially winning, gives me a lot of satisfaction.


In fact, I have always adopted a positive and constructive attitude towards work that others might consider a difficult task.


I enjoy helping other people improve their lives, and the more service I offer, the freer and happier I feel full of unlimited love.

Diana Lion Fitness
Diana Lion - IIN

Working on myself is the best investment that life gives me day by day with the heavenly light. Striving for health in some way I see it as a good thing for me. We live on earth so don't miss out on the pleasures when it comes to making your personal transformation. I became interested in studying and expanding my knowledge in all areas.


When I came to the United States at the age of 28, a health coach helped me develop a strong sense of justice and made me aware of situations of injustice and suffering. My mind is curious, optimistic and cheerful.


Actually, I am interested in knowing man in their many aspects and manifestations.


My philosophical mind questions me about the end of my existence and that of others, I have managed to obtain good communication, to be able to express my message more clearly.


My destiny has been divided into two stages:

  • The first was hard work, limitations, difficult beginnings, which have strengthened my own goals. 

  • The second stage of my achievements, my professional success, now appears in the middle of my life. I have the wisdom to know how to discern and the perseverance necessary to conquer what I set out to do.


I evolve every day and I want to invite you to do it too.


Without ceasing to be humble, to maintain the sense of justice of the innumerable changes and situations of life.


Being in harmony, and synchronized, makes me have inner peace and surround myself with positive people. I evolve every day, and I want to invite you to do it too.


It is my life plan to have good energy when it comes to expression and relief in my inner world.


Channel the energies well so that everything materializes with the synchronic order that it is predisposed to be.

Diana Leon Botero

I can only say that nothing changes if one does not change. I am 33 years old, I have traveled in time for years, decades, and now to find that great liberation in me is of great pride for me. I live in my happy and reasoned consciousness, allowing the divinity to give me its gift. The United States made me a woman that gives much more importance to her work, health, and personal development.


I have great sensitivity, inspiration, and an imagination that has no limits. I respond intensely to beauty and love. I do critical analysis and give meticulous attention to the details that are intrinsic to this process. Pushing myself into achieving a state of fullness or optimal functioning is a great motivation for me. I am very perfectionist and focused on my work.


My energies are directed both to perfecting your techniques, skills and abilities at work, and to perfecting myself, refining myself, and improving myself as a person.


In my current life I am destined to make the transition from reaper to sower, a process in which each thought becomes a creative seed for my new beginning.


I feel that my personality is now experiencing a new birth, it is a feeling of authority, I feel like when Columbus discovered America, and the most extraordinary thing about my discovery is realizing that I was always here during all this time without realizing it.


I have a magical mentor, I am happy to reach you, giving us the opportunity to open our hearts to channel and understand what our life message is.


Channel the energies well so that everything materializes with the synchronic order that it is predisposed to be.


Integrative Nutition Health Coach
Gut Health - IIN
Armonia Celular Certification
Diana Lion Health Coach

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