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Action Black
The Best Gym in The World

Our races never STOP

With over a decade of experience in the health, wellness, and fitness industry, we've gained insights into people's habits that improve their quality of life. Using a blend of technology, design, psychology, and neuroscience, we've developed methods and environments to enhance lifestyle habits on a large scale.

We have harnessed our understanding of human behavior to create this company, taking it from inception to a valuation of over $28 million in just four years. We've become the third-largest gym chain in Colombia and a global force. Our diverse, passionate team, boasting over ten years of industry experience, includes athletes, healthcare professionals, artists, architects, engineers, programmers, and financial experts, all contributing to our unique product, Action Black.

Action, a health, wellness, and fitness company, leverages technology and neuroscience. Rooted in Medellín, the heart of the fourth industrial revolution, we collaborate with professionals from various fields to offer tangible and measurable results, sustaining health improvements over the short, medium, and long term. Our training model is swift, effective, and user-friendly, ensuring members never have the same workout in our various brand formats.

We address people's motivations and work to transform issues like physical inactivity, poor sleep, nutritional neglect, and unhealthy lifestyle habits.

Through the challenges posed by the pandemic, our team sought innovation and distinction, resulting in the birth of Action Black.

Our mission is to contribute to a healthier, happier world. Our focus is on combating some of the most significant global issues – non-communicable diseases and mental illnesses – through scientific evidence showing the essential role of physical activity in reducing these risks.

Action Black is a commitment to reshape lifestyles, promote well-being, enhance health, improve the relationship with one's body, and empower minds all in one place.


Wilder Zapata


Everything we vividly imagine, passionately, enthusiastically undertake, will inevitably happen. #WeNeverStop


Dive into the origins of Action Black with Wilder Zapata

Welcome to the fitness evolution at Action Black Medellin

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