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Be more than flexible


Utilizing our patented and proprietary equipment, Stretch Zone practitioners follow specific protocols to properly position, stabilize, and manipulate muscles using powerful principles of neuromuscular behavior.

Stretch Reflex

While traditional stretching methods attempt to make you more “flexible,” we work to adjust the stretch reflex.

This way, the Stretch Zone Method gradually increases your active range of motion.

Consider how a car seatbelt works. If pulled too quickly, the belt locks. 

If the belt is forced, you are just stretching the material itself, and that’s where injury happens. When a car seatbelt is pulled smoothly and controlled, the belt will fully extend. It’s the same with your body’s stretch reflex.

Feel Lighter & Younger

Thanks to the modern sedentary lifestyle, starting in their 30s, most people begin losing flexibility at an average rate of 1% a year. Strains and micro-stresses on your muscles compounded over time can glue them together. This “glue,” or scar tissue, tightens the surrounding tissue and restrains how you’re able to move. Over time, the snowballing loss of flexibility ages you. Stretch Zone’s isolation of individual muscles within a muscle group breaks up the glue, unwrapping the stranglehold on your posture and valuable energy. Proper stretching slows down the aging process. You can feel younger by improving posture, circulation, and increasing range of motion.

Relieve Stiffness & Soreness

Due to sedentary lifestyles and overworked, stressed muscles, people develop residual tension in resting muscle, or “tonus.” When you flex a muscle, you create excessive tonus in the muscle. A certain amount of resting muscle tonus is necessary to keep form and posture. But when you have excessive resting tonus, it becomes harder to move. Many people walk around with stiff muscles, and it’s not from the gym. Working with an experienced practitioner at one of our studios, you can reestablish a more ideal resting muscle tone, relieving stiffness and soreness through active stretching.

Enhance Athletic Performance

Discover and Enhance Physical Abilities

Unlock greater physical abilities when you reach functional flexibility. Practitioner-assisted stretching shouldn’t only be applied as a warmup or cool down exercise.

Greater Reaction Time

You can achieve greater reaction time and develop an enhanced sensory awareness of your surroundings. A flexible system is an open system, awakening natural and instinctual movements that require less thought and faster reaction time.

Spatial Awareness

Athletes who are introduced to practitioner-assisted stretching learn their body’s limitations and increase spatial awareness. Increased spatial awareness allows you to better assess the state of your muscles and injuries, and also provides a sense of control and confidence, ultimately determining peak performance.

Stretch Zone has enjoyed helping many pro athletes reach their athletic best – in the NFL, NBA, MLB, & ATP.

Increase Range Of Motion

Stretch Zone is not in the business of making people more flexible. Well, not by the traditional definition of flexibility. We are in the business of reeducating the nerve-muscle reflex, which allows you to move easier.

Our goal isn’t to make you more “flexible” or “elastic,” it is to increase your active range of motion, so that you can move further without feeling a stretch. Stretch Zone works through the nervous system to achieve lasting flexibility gains.

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