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Something Dies to Be Born

Embrace change for growth

Diana Lion | Something Dies to Be Born. Embrace change for growth.

These last three years have brought us here, to where we are today. 2020 was a year of intense changes and strong transformative energy.

It was a year of painful growth, more forced than fluid. 2021 was a year of balance, transitions, turning inward, and finally letting go of what I couldn't release in 2020. In 2022, I traveled almost as much as in 2021 after a pandemic that took many lives, dreams, relationships, where I fell ill due to a microbiota imbalance, experienced financial losses, and was embarking on a business in 2020 without a clear destination. I spent all my savings but always with hope, faith, and certainty that I would emerge victorious. 

Today, I have, and I've recovered my investments. There was also much soul pain. I lost friends whom I "thought were friends"... So I made the decision and moved to another city, changed literally everything, and enjoyed it because I understood that life was putting me in that situation to move forward and mature.

It was all very different. All my energy and focus were on manifesting something that was very important to me: —>> My life and nothing else.

This year that has passed in 2023, I managed to create everything I desired and received much more than I asked for. Everything I put on my list of things to manifest, I achieved. But, I did it at the expense of my well-being and even myself. I said yes too many times when I really wanted to say no.

I gave much more than I should have and mistakenly thought that it was the price to pay for being where I was. ... It's not like that. We don't have to sacrifice ourselves to achieve what we desire. We don't have to pay for success, for our dreams, or for achieving what we want. We don't have to suffer to be happy later. If 2020 opened me up to expansion and was one of the years in which I grew the most, 2021 taught me to go back inside to take care of my physical body, my energy, my health, to forgive myself, to surrender and stop trying to control everything around me.

Diana Lion | Something Dies to Be Born. Embrace change for growth.

It firmly taught me that I have to say "no" and feel good about it. I learned that absolutely nothing bad happens when I am clear about my limits and express what I need for my well-being and am clear about what is or is not acceptable for me. This year 2023 forced me to close many doors that I should have closed a long time ago. I learned to respect myself more and understand that I am always at the top of my list and everything else can wait.

This year has been very special, like a fairy tale, where life takes care of rewarding me in LOVE, God, and his wonders. It's not enough to be in the right place at the right time; you have to be the right person in the right place at the right time, and we know that no one comes into your life by accident. It has been so beautiful and magical, full of experiences, sharing love, being happy, and most importantly, we both accept the life process we are going through, supporting each other with a lot of tolerance. I think this has been the key to maintaining balance in our relationship. I feel happy and fortunate; life has been generous to me.

2024 brings a new energy to my heart. I know it will be a very different year from these last three years. The energy is different, and I am also a different person with a new vision of my business, my life, my priorities, and how I want to live it.

Diana Lion | Something Dies to Be Born. Embrace change for growth.

I have no doubt that this year will be one to enjoy the expansion from where I am now. If before I ran after what I wanted, now I know I can enjoy the wait more and that what I want will come in its own time.

Let's remember that our dreams are always aligned with our current vibration and also with our life purpose. Trust your path, trust life, the universe, love, and when in doubt: Continue to trust.

There is a path laid out, and it is perfect; everything is always perfect, flows, and remember to be present in this experience. Life is beautiful, and there is still much to learn.


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