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Spiritual Entrepreneur

What will take me to tomorrow? - >> My Passion, my life goal, to be happy, to love without limits.

• Transmit a message to the world.- WITH CLARITY - Honesty-Humility - LOVE

I am one of those who think you are what you eat !!

And also of what IS EASY, learn to think correctly !!

One day I asked myself:

What is the use of having such a healthy life and eating well? If you continue to have digestive discomfort?

That was what made me understand how to help others, and I want to tell you that if this call touches your heart, it is because your body needs you to listen to it more.

Dharma understands what the meaning of my life is

Instead of asking what the meaning of life is, I discovered that it was to live with purpose; that is why I am here, why YOU ARE HERE TOO, that is why you are happy when you live with purpose!

This is how you align yourself when you do what you love. So when you live with dharma, you live with love.

And it is what I do, and I will do it for the rest of my life.

I share my wisdom with you to continue expanding to better paths of light and truth.

Starting to work in a personal business in me has been expansive where I have been able to create

- >> My Financial Business.

An online business, working with my computer across the world

A mission in life, a legacy of life.

I learned to flow without JUDGING to open opportunities and find my essence, my truth.

It evolved every day, and today I want to invite you again to do it too.

I love saying mantras every day to strengthen my Love for God, Divinity

Thank you for one more opportunity. Thank you for allowing me to reach the heart of humanity; I am in perfect health, love, and abundance; thank you.

Today I come to you to remind you that trusting in life is giving up the fight, that doing things only for the purpose is NOT good. But, you must understand that it is for you; it will come without forcing.

We are ENERGY, and to have a SUCCESSFUL online business, you must understand that the fundamental pillar is - >> What the world LOVES. What is it? And it is to realize that everything is ENERGY to connect is to learn to understand.

My efforts

Have a business aligned to your life purpose, with values, focus, and clear visualization of what you want.

Sharing a message is helping this planet heal at the same time that I heal myself. It is well-being at the service.

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach Nuskin - doTERRA

My mission is

Give recommendations to all customers - >> This is where they begin to listen to themselves. As a Coach, I have the space to show my clients and see what happens inside each being, and the place that I create for them is beautiful.

The TRANSFORMATION of having a better lifestyle is exciting.

Everything with love is perfect. 🧡

I invite you to STUDY within yourself!

I ask you a question, Tell me something you stopped doing and love, and today are you sad about it?

Again I want to remind you that you can, get over yourself and treat yourself with compassion first so that everything turns out great.

The Reiki has helped me generate complete harmonization and awakens my internal forces, giving me balance and healing.

Even though the healing is never-ending, you must love yourself more and more.

REMEMBER - >> The victim left !!

Accept, Heal and Release - Evolving

I found myself like Columbus when he discovered America; it means understanding and knowing when the other person is ready to receive YOUR MESSAGE.

My journey, my teachings, is not for anyone; it is for a being willing to dance between her feminine side or her masculine side. So, flow, learn to face challenges, to believe, to trust yourself.

That will be my pride of lions that I am willing to grow and help with.

Meanwhile, there will be not ready people, and you must wait and respect that process of ENERGY of each BEING. It simply understands that if that person is looking for you and is looking for you, he is READY FOR YOUR MESSAGE.

I recommend something that works a lot for me, and it is when you have a plate of food, and you are doubtful about eating it, ask yourself: DID GOD DO THAT? If your heart ♥️says no, then you shouldn't eat it!

Just listen to yourself; today, I can tell you that when we learn to listen, we come to understand that eating healthy, without sugars in a more natural way, is to connect faster with your dream.

Having experienced the H PYLORI bacteria was to understand me more and discover where my mistake was. Thanks, I am in perfect health; listening to me is learning to improve myself by loving my LIFESTYLE, my essence. What works for me right now with the H PYLORI? What makes me feel better? Talking about her and learning from her makes me understand how I am right now, and I can tell you that it has been an experience of learning, maturity, and transformation. It is another level of life, another energetic level.

To start eating simultaneously, that is the importance -> it is my life mission, Live from CONSCIOUSNESS. THANK YOU, LORD; YOU TAUGHT ME TO TRANSFORM LIVES. 🦋

My spiritual world is Magic; significantly, when you have already healed the past, simply what it does is leave the past and project the future only create it from your heart ♥️ where you come from, with passion and love for the process.

It is the present; if you cannot open yourself to those possibilities, you must go back and look at where you are failing to start your most positive story again.

You are the best friend of loneliness, and it is true that removing some things that hurts, it hurts a lot, remove fears, draw truths, is to achieve healing is to be at peace with that situation, so we are going to make a truck with Berraquera to get ahead and Heal. 🦋🦋🦋🦋

My gift is my soul; the life inside me leads me to heal 🦋 because

have we ever been in a dark place? Life aches and harsh situations where

we have many manifestations, and many times they get lost along the way, and here I am to help you start to see them. I help people feel confident and become their best version, understanding what freedom is over true talent.

How long have you been waiting?

Let that story happen, achieve healing, and be able to move to the next place full of possibilities and opportunities?

I have an excellent package where I will teach you techniques to understand that your past is to defend yourself now and start making real dreams with actions where they will begin to take you to the best place you need.

I will help you create balance for the rest of your life; I want to tell the whole world that you can live better and make a difference, which is exciting for me. When you start taking care of yourself, you start eating this healthy way, you begin to connect, and you start to feel great.

I became a person who will impact people's minds; it is essential and integrative to help others with love, honesty, humility, and respect. Remember that what you eat changes everything; the connection is with your body, with your mind, your story. How much drama there, you have to let it flow; you have to be clear about what happens in your body.

When you understand it, this is how you can move everything.

Have you thought about having this kind of conversation with someone?

How blocked are your energy from shame, fear, guilt, and secrecy?

And what happens if you open up and do something different?


We long for love 🥰 , and everything we do, we do with love; the purpose of life is something that you already know brings to light. You must be aligned with that purpose; once you find it, you must work on it and move forward with love and passion.

I am grateful to be here telling you how you can connect with love and spirit actions.

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