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The Vacuum

Swimming in conquering the mind that talks all day.

What is the best ??

>>> When you can enter the void, if you succeed, you will find your true self, >> you can only see it when your mind is empty when it is not doing anything ...

Since I realized this

I have started to practice it to go into emptiness !!

Of course, the thoughts will come, but you must understand that you have perceptions of yourself and others.

<<< This theory is Buddhist >>> When you enter into natural meditation, it is universal.

1 >> Your inner being cannot be separated from the universal mind and the universal mind cannot separate your inner being either.

2 >> The consciousness that looks at all thoughts is not different from the void; it is not different from the universal; it is not different from the mind. It is a union.

3 >> Fantasy is better with your eyes closed, not with your eyes open, because to conquer the void is to go inside, understand yourself in silence, and many want to escape.

The consciousness that enters the void cannot be separated from the universal or the void. - >> Understand that it is not YOU who enters that place; it is your inner being who takes you to that place.

Where does that voice >> FROM THE EMPTY come from, and who created it? >> GOD

And that emptiness comes from the non-ego because it was created from the universe.

The emptiness, the mind, the universe are not separate as a unit.


These are words for the experience is actually for you, you have to practice it until it anchors to our cells, it looks simple -

so NOTHING ELSE >> in practice you will notice it <<

You can start to see messages, responses for your personal development. Although you will always have the mind like a radio, your music, the reason will never maintain the void .. but suddenly the hole comes - something happens. You enter that void because we live in a universe where everything is very moved.

The mind must be silent - >> the sounds of nature; visiting it will help you in your practices ..

You must enter the void >> It is like Mount Everest; if you conquer that mind is void, it is there where you will dominate your life.

So do you want to escape, or do you want to live fully...

To achieve, overcome what keeps you.

- If you manage to hold the thoughts since they are the ones that manipulate us -> (If you control that, you will conquer many things)

- Thoughts bring emotions, and you generate projections you are, you believe, you create. You need to break ties to flow at all.

Vacuum is the most basic thing you can do

It looks simply like that's nothing

But experience that - >> NOTHING

5 minutes without thinking

10 minutes without thinking

15 minutes without thinking

This is a vital thing

This is a big thing

You need to make an effort.

You need discipline

You need to experiment

Not to imagine... I saw it

But... if you can sit with this technique for 1 hour every day, you will see the reality that everything is coming if you want to see the synchronic order of what IS.

- >> COMES FROM THE VOID and find yourself out of that enchantment you are in.

You will see the reality of everything around you, and you need a neutralized mind to find it.

... Well, it is not that everything is beautiful; you must understand that they are thoughts - where do those thoughts that make you feel come from?

You must get rid of those thoughts.

Freedom of conscience, you must understand that you are NOTHING is just the experience that is lived day by day without attachments, with space, and you can see from the outside how people suffer from their illusions.

How can we HELP humanity without thinking?

How to help a PLANET without thinking?

We must go into meditation every day.

There time for everything, time for the party, time for friends, time for the boyfriend and also their time for your mind to relax and see how fast YOUR BEING is going - >> A bit selfish.


We need to do NOTHING.

Because we are always busy, we don't know how to do ANYTHING.

- >> So what this planet wants now are HEROES those who are brave spiritual, those who will be able to withstand the Apocalypse

the Pachamama arrives and says: - >> where are my heroes and heroines who are going to endure the Apocalypse and are going to save the planet

Enter the void, experience it, and tell me.

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