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Emotional Wellness

There is a significant relationship between emotional and physical health. The body releases various chemicals in response to emotions. For example, the release of serotonin, dopamine, or oxytocin results in uplifting emotion and a positive feeling in the body. An experience of stress sets the brain 🧠 free of cortisol, and the body's response will be urgency and perhaps even FEAR.

EMOTIONAL STRESS, whether acute or chronic, can have profound effects on the body. A range of illnesses, from headaches to digestive problems, poor sleep, and heart disease, can result in emotions such as SADNESS, ANXIETY, AND DEPRESSION wreaking havoc on the immune system and other cells, tissues, and organs throughout the world. organism.

Examination of activity at the cellular level can help in understanding how emotions can affect the body's functions.

Embedded from the surface of the cell membrane are protein molecules known as receptors. These receptors seek out, communicate with, and solicit necessary chemicals that exist outside the cell.

These requested chemicals bind to recipients, distribute information, and produce responses. Biochemistry within the cell to adapt to the environment to stimuli.

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