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Knowing the injured child

To heal the INNER CHILD we have to start by reviewing how we feel at this moment. In the depths of our being, perhaps we find similarity with these characteristics: Do you feel lonely, sad, isolated, rejected, do you have fears, insecurity, abandonment, fear of not meeting the expectations of others or your own, do you feel lacking in love? , of acceptance, you do not know how to value or love yourself and you suffer from low self-esteem, etc?

Behind many of the persistent problems that are repeated over and over again is an injured CHILD trying to get attention. That CHILD suffers basically because he is a part of us ignored, criticized, abandoned, ashamed, and often mistreated, and to whom we have not paid any attention to help him let go of the wounds of the past and give him due importance.

As long as we do not take charge of our inner CHILD, we will see situations or people reflected in the outside world that will show us our wounds over and over again through situations that are repeated or that are very similar to each other, showing us what we do not we want to see, ultimately, what we have not healed. How many times has this not happened to us?; How many times have we not had the feeling of "seeing the same movie but with different actors"? For example: if we have an injury related to the abandonment of one of our parents, it is likely that in our adult lives our relationships are colored by themes of abandonment. But, BEWARE! This abandonment does not necessarily have to be real in the literal sense of the word, but it is simply how the CHILD has lived it. Let us remember that the CHILD symbolizes childhood and in the first seven years of life, the child feels, does not reason. He was a child, not an adult, things that you now understand then you did not understand, and anything hurts a child, be it a bad gesture, little attention, yelling, etc.

Other memories that the CHILD stores are limiting erroneous beliefs product of the messages received from the outside and that can be many and of all kinds, for example: “You are useless”, “You are clumsy”, “You are bad”. The CHILD believes it because those words come from an authority figure whom he loves and idealizes.

Guilt is another emotion that is deeply rooted in the CHILD, and it is not that they blame you directly, but it is much more subtle, it is a fantasy created by the CHILD: “If my parents are angry, furious or arguing, it is because I'm bad ”; "They yell at me for being disobedient"; "It's because of me, they are good."

Diseases are also originated from our inner child and to be healed they have to be approached on the same level that they were created. Illness and physical ailments is a symbolic way of showing ourselves discomfort and is an opportunity to create a more harmonious relationship with our inner child. Surprisingly many healings begin to occur when that part of us is recognized and taken into account, when we integrate it as part of who we are, loving it, paying attention to it, giving it security as if it were a real flesh and blood child that depended solely on us...

The inner child that felt “mistreated”, that felt that he did not receive affection, that did not have words of encouragement at home, has remained resentful inside you. That inner child is the one that sabotages your everyday life. For example, when you want to start something new, or when you want to improve your self-esteem, exaggeratedly punishing yourself when you make a mistake or when you want to leave that person who does not love you.

It is time for you to heal that inner CHILD that is within you.

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