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The Shake Challenge Program #2

How do you thank your body, your home, everything it does for you?

I can tell you that one of the best ways is to facilitate your work with a delicious green smoothie a day 布它 !!

I will help you incorporate this delicious habit into your life with The Shake challenge #2

We will nourish our body, mind, and soul through the plant and vegetable-based foods, our healing energy, our intuition that comes from love.

My mission is to help you regain your health, to trust yourself to discover that there is a healer within you. Everything changes positively when you learn to listen to your body with compassion when you give love to your process. In this 10-day challenge, you will feel supported by me, where you will have the opportunity to talk about your life, what you have always dreamed of, and the goals you want to achieve for your health. It's a chance for you to be heard and get an idea of what it feels like to have more support in your life.

We will eliminate products or foods that tend to be harmful or cause inflammation.

"I am in perfect health."


Shake Challenge Edition #2


Support Detoxification

Of your liver

Lose fat

Strengthen your digestion and immune system

ⅩInitiate cell regeneration

Feel light

Feel happier, more joyful, passionate about life, and abundant

Learn intuitive feeding with your reiki energy

Rediscover and experiment with recipes based on plants and vegetables; you will feel free to make your combinations.

Use your intuition, creativity, and the ingredients you already have at home to make your juices.

The key is always to mix at least 3 vegetables for 1 fruit or 80% vegetable or plant -20% fruit.

Trust your body in your process; it can detoxify efficiently. Beliefs are powerful. If you think your liver is doing an excellent job, guess what?

You're right!

Cleanse your skin

Work on your intuition and your spirit

Reconnect with the Magic you have within and see healing miracles.

What will you get?

ⅩE-book with protocol, recipes, and shopping list

Interactive support group on WhatsApp

1 meditation

3 live video sessions via Zoom

Ⅹ10 Podcast micro audios


ⅩI will be your coach for 10 days

If you want to pay through Venmo or Zelle send us an email at

* Price in USD * $ 75

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